Queen legend Brian May pays a surprise visit to Kerry Ellis in Horsham

Concert go-ers in Horsham got an added bonus at the Capitol Theatre on Saturday when rock star Brian May made a surprise appearance alongside West End singer Kerry Ellis.

County Times.- Kerry, who was in Horsham as part of her 20th anniversary tour, has previously toured with Brian May, lead guitarist with the legendary band Queen.

She also starred in the West End musical We Will Rock You based on the songs of the rock band.

After Brian May joined Kerry on stage in Horsham on Saturday, the singer later took to Twitter and posted a photo with the words:

“Look who dropped by last night.”

The Capitol Theatre re-tweeted the message and praised the stars:

“A truly special evening and a well deserved standing ovation.”

Both Kerry Ellis and Brian May are supporters of the Horsham-based animal charity Born Free.

Brian May & Kerry Ellis.

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